Infant Cerebral Palsy

CP kids is where all this began.  In 1989 my friends, physical therapist Jack Lollar and  special-ed teacher Linda Bidabe, had a question; Could children with cerebral  palsy learn to sit, stand, and maybe even walk?  It turns out the answer is YES!  The LiftWalker has gotten many CP kids up and walking.  But I have observed that  if we could help them earlier, in infancy, much damage could be avoided, and more good done.  To this end I’ve made prototypes of a completely unique infant stander that will become an infant stander/walker in subsequent iterations.  And I have a project called Lunar Playground (Cal Poly engineers just finished  the first prototype).  A variable weightlessness play space.  The object is to allow brain  damaged infants and toddlers to magnify what little ability they have through normal physical play.  This is vital for normal body and brain development. And many more such inventions ? are needed to make the most of the potential of infants with cerebral palsy.

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