Custom Mobility

This is the company’s division that creates unique mobility solutions for those with highly unique challenges.  On a fairly regular basis I have been given the opportunity to make one-off inventions.  Often these have been LiftWalkers with special elements to make them useable in a special way.  For example, a few of my customers live alone and need to use equipment unassisted.  This requires special adaptations.  Another customer, Pat, had fibromyalgia and could walk part of the time.  For her I built a wheelchair that converts to a standing walker and also a sitting glider.  For CJ in California and Tom in New York I built LiftWalkers that are hands-free, and can be used facing forward or backward.  For a young woman in New Jersey I made a harness version of the LiftWalker.  Something she could use over a treadmill or the floor.  For another very young man I built a carbon fiber child’s size walking wheelchair.  A few months ago, for a wheelchair-bound young man named Kayvan, I built something I call Kayvan’s Soccer Walker.  

Before his injury, Kayvan was a star soccer player.  His soccer walker allows him to kick the ball and move about on his feet.  His ventilator is mounted to his walker.  Any sudden body collapses are softened and smoothly halted by adjustable mountain bike shocks attached to his leg and waist prompts.  My hope is to have all such special projects in the future built by teams of Engineering Seniors at Cal Poly.  I see no end to the need for such unique devices to be invented and built.

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